S&K Construction Design JSC (S&K) is established in August 2010 with the initial name to be Tri Tin Construction & Investment Consultancy JSC and after that was officially re-named and re-registered as S&K from April 2012. The company is founded by Mr. Dinh Tran Khoi Nguyen.


The staffs of design, project management and construction management of S&K are formed based on the core members of the company from the establishment date until now and always supplemented with the new qualified members to be a consistent and experienced team in the diversified fields of architecture, engineering, management and investment consultancy. S&K staffs have been demonstrating their experience and capability through many previously projects of Civil and industrial at the leading design companies in Vietnam and eventually they have been mobilized into S&K qualified staff. 


S & K is committed to building a culture of modern, civilized company to achieve the highest quality of service for its customers and partners on the basis of creating the best working environment for the employees.

Based on the core ideology of Knowledge that creates Success, The S & K culture is built, developed and perfected as follows:

  • Respect, harmony and mutual support in the work
  • Proactive in front of bigger challenges to perfect yourself, develop your professional skills and reap the fruits of your labor.
  • The spirit of self-control, brave, straightforward, creative in thinking, how to do individual but always important teamwork.
  • Keep the faith and enthusiasm in the work
  • High responsibility for work, self and family

corporate motto

S & K’s corporate motto is established from the beginning and committed as follows:

  • Knowledge
  • To respect
  • Mutually beneficial
  • Develop together
  • Stable, long-term, forward-looking
  • Confidentiality, non-infringement of privacy rights

Mission & vision

On the foundation of the enriched & sustainable Knowledge, the Succeed will be achieved for Client and S&K, the goals of S&K Construction Design Consultancy JSC are defined and
committed to be taken into reality for the products, services, the relationship with Clients – Partners and company officers
as follow:

  • Quality is top priority, Always Prestige in every commitment, Application Efficient new technology for the best economic and technical solutions
  • Hold Responsibility to the end, Always create friendly relations, Building Sustainable Relationships on the basis of mutual benefit
  • Flexible, Timely Response and always have innovative solutions Reasonable in every situation, every challenge, every difficulty to reach the end goal was committed.